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  1. Zulu


    Thanks so much I We shall continue the grind and become a great community. We are in uncharted territory at the moment . But nothing great has been achieved easily, we must fight to survive. Much love Zulu ❤️
  2. Basically my log, Free for all to view Hopefully server can become better through these transitional periods . https://imgur.com/QDF3w2M Peace and good luck
  3. Name of player;Jared Rule broken;Discrimination against my status of being mentally ill Proof;
  4. Zulu


    Ign: Supreme Time played: 3D 23Hr 55 Min Position I'm applying for: Moderator Will I be active everyday?: Yes Timezone: GMT + 0 (UK) Can I handle this position?: Of course , i am active every day i can play up to 12 hours a day I have a huge passion for the server great things shall happen. I am dedicated and will help anyone anytime i can. I do not AFK or bankstand i am always doing something ingame as well as welcoming new players and helping them out anyway i can. Most importantly i got free time to play near all my time and will help with any problems that arise. Peace Zulu
  5. Zulu

    Firemaking Guide

    Xp table and starting out Setup 99 Peace and good luck Zulu
  6. This is brilliant i had to do something similar to get on server hopefully this helps out new players Peace Zulu
  7. Thanks so much for update Razory ❤️
  8. Zulu

    Hunter Guide

    Starting out and Exp table Magic butterfly net xp table Example inventory 1 Example inventory 2 Lucky impling inventory example Exp to 99 Peace and good luck
  9. Zulu

    Woodcutting Guide

    Starting out and Xp table Teleport locations Tree locations Total number of logs needed for 99 1 - 15 - 6 Logs 15 - 30 - 17 Oak logs 30 - 45 - 40 Willow logs 45 - 60 - 117 Maple logs 60 - 75 - 298 Yew logs 75 - 90 - 920 Magic logs 90 - 99 - 1124 Redwood Logs Alternate 90 - 99 - 1709 Magic logs 200m Exp 99 - 200m Redwood logs - 27,334 99 - 200m Magic logs - 41,547
  10. Zulu

    Lt Pvm lt

    Name of player; Lt Pvm lt Rule broken;Disrespect and flaming Proof; https://imgur.com/a/euYaPze all images i managed to get, me and Pvm ghost where just trying to talk to the guy Kind Regards Zulu
  11. Zulu


    Guy was calling me out, someone wanted to see my osrs stats too, https://imgur.com/yRkobJX
  12. Zulu


    Hi my name is Kieron, i'm 28 , played runescape since 2005, maxed rs3 (I regret it game sucks now with MTX) I love Technology, Pokemon and Dragon ball Z/Super I play my PSP (custom firmware) way too much, playing Need for speed Rivals and Monster hunter freedom unite at the moment. Hopefully be around the server for a long time, Great community so far, Peace.