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  1. King77


    This has nothing to do with me stop using my god damn name
  2. King77


    @Supreme Don't use my name I was muted and I stopped and I was only muted because I said "cally is always afk in bank and does nothing but wait for people to dice him so they can quit" the truth hurts don't use my name I know why I was muted don't ever use it again goof
  3. Thank you supreme for these rules !
  4. My pot =640 3 claws= 180 2tbows= 160 ely =125 maul=75 3rd age bow= 100 Callys Payout= 465 2 Rainbows = 160 2 Tbows = 160 1 Maul =75 4 pieces of arma = 60 Prim Boots = 10 spiritsheild = absolute garbage YOUR MATH IS GARBAGE CALLY like your mouth.
  6. Name of player; Cally Rule broken; Dicing Scam Proof; Down below I have a screen shot of me betting and a screenie of me getting paid out then being "disconnected" the fact of the matter is Cally shouldn't have dice he then replied after me arguing with him to buzz off because he thought claws were only worth 40 points each! What kind of moderator does that there is unpaid business for the man who claims to be the richest player in the game. He gave me junk after promising to payout full in the first picture when asking "how do you have so much" does that not tell you he was afraid to pay out if I won? I took the screen shot not because I was afraid to not be paid out but because he is known for this! Cally is not suppose to be a dicer if he does not payout full I do expect to be paid the rest of the sum owed. I risked my bank, my whole entire dedication to this game on the line to only be paid out so little. I wouldn't expect this from a moderator but this has gone too far I hope you can all understand.
  7. Gl this will be worth it for that comp cape ;)
  8. This game isn't going anywhere but uphill from here thank you all for such an amazing year and hopefully more to come, Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I Would like to create a giveaway for the new year maybe a grand prize item from the donator store. If anyone would like any information on this Pm me in game. To enter your name in the draw comment below. Once again a Happy new years to you and your loved ones.
  9. Going up against some of the best people in game best of luck, no let me rephrase that. May the best suitable person for the position win.
  10. ~Ign: King77 ~Time played: 2 Months Going Onto 3 months (5D 11H 36M) ~Position I'm applying for: Moderator ~Will I be active everyday?: I Am Active Everyday Not Just Afk At Bank Always Talking, Welcoming, Helping To The Best Of My Abilities ~Timezone: Gmt -7 Yes I Am Canadian ~Can I handle this position? Without a doubt, how come? Due to my history with Runescape private servers not only getting multiple staff positions playing and coding. But with the amount of experience i have behind the screen i am a human resource worker who deals with angry people all the time I can communicate well with others, Speak 3 different languages English Fluent, Arabic, Portuguese. I'm always welcoming to new people, giving them items, barrows to start out to have a sense to play more and level up rather than quitting when there isn't much people online. I've been on when if i were a moderator i would help with command power of course legally, i'm always creating a good mood online, good terms with everyone, never gotten in trouble and i do believe i am an exact fit. This server is growing and i believe i can help be a key towards the future of this bright private server. Best Regards. Moe
  11. Got the Dwh at 366 Kc got greedy tried for a second and have been 1100 kills dry. if anyone decides to do this once u get it stop AHAHA gz!
  12. If he isn't given mod we will quit- Players of Razory.
  13. +1 From me most humble person on this game not a doubt in my mind he will exceed this position and more #jared4mod