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  1. Aaron


    This is exactly why I quit just saying.
  2. Hate to leave after putting so much work into an account, but I am done with the toxic community. I donated to a server with a great community and staff, however, things have changed and not for the good. Issues are not being taken care off equally when it comes to certain players. A staff member is not being punished the same as a regular player. It almost seems as long as you are staff you can do anything. This may not be intentional but it is happening. People were rightfully muted today but others were let go for the same thing. The server has great potential for sure, but, will not succeed with this community of players. Sorry if this criticism is to harsh, and if I could post a picture on the forums I would of proof. Goodbye and farewell 🐎
  3. Maybe player reports should not be able to be seen by other players.
  4. King77 has sent the pictures to Razory via Facebook. It won't let anyone post pictures.
  5. Still trying to figure out why it won't let me put the screen shots on. Have all of them saved.
  6. Name of player; Supreme Rule broken; Disrespecting others, leaking staff only information. Proof;
  7. Ign: Aaron Time played: 2 days 4 hours Position I'm applying for: Moderator Will I be active everyday?: Yes Timezone:EST Can I handle this position? Yes, it seems like there isn't a staff member online when it is around 10pm EST through about 4am EST ever. I think that i would be a good asset where I am on when there usually isn't any staff online. I feel like I could solve any disputes or issues players have with each other. Thank you for your consideration and happy holidays.
  8. Aaron


    Don't know if this is bugged but I haven't cooked one shrimp and still 1 cooking. Probably went through 2 inventories with all burnt.
  9. Aaron


    At the fishing guild you have to use small net to catch monkfish and use a net to fish trout/salmon. Also you don't need to have feathers to fly-fish.
  10. Aaron


    Canifis agility course doesn't show the roofs and you have to stand in certain spots on the second roof in order to jump.
  11. Aaron

    Toxic Staff

    When I uncharged my Toxic Staff that had around 2k scales they disapeared.