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  1. The Armour shop? 🤔 Wrong thread 😂 Thats very good to know, thank you!
  2. Will


    Nice introduction, see you in-game and around the forums!
  3. Thank you for the expedient response.
  4. I suggest Proselyte & Initiate armors should be added to the armor shop. They provide decent prayer bonuses, and are inexpensive for new players. Thanks, •Will•
  5. I'll just make this short, and right to the point. The price you sell cut gems to the "Razoryscape Trader" NPC is lower then the value you buy the uncut gems for. I doubt this was deliberate, if it was please let me know, if not: Please adjust prices so players profit from cutting gems. Thank you, •Will•
  6. Wanted to make an informal post, and give a brief introduction to the community of Razoryscape! So, obviously my names Will. 😋 I'm 21 years old, I am from the East Coast of the US. I have been playing Runescape as of 2005, and stopped playing when EOC was introduced. I'm currently pursuing a career in law enforcement. I'm attending college studying Criminal Justice & have just finished my first year out of my eight year contract, as a Military Police Officer in the Army National Guard. I have some previous programming experience with Java & use to host my own server. I'm ecstatic to begin my journey with Razoryscape & hope to meet the rest of the community in-game & on the forums! If you'd like to know me better, please do not hesitate to add me in-game or send me a message on the forums. •Will•