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Error Connecting to Server " A FIX TUT "

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If you are getting "Error Connecting to Server" or have any other problems to logging in, I hope this can help you.


1: Deleting Cache

Unable to login maybe because of your Cache, to fix go to your "My Computer" / "My PC" and search for the folder ".elkoy_cache", delete it then reopen your client which it will give you a new cache.

2: Updating Java

Your Java maybe outdated, to fix go to the Java website (https://www.java.com/en/) and proceed to download Java, downloading this will give you the latest version of Java.


1: This method is what fixed it for me, so I'll be showing this first.


ZjBuPvV.pngRight click this for your network and sharing center


Go to the circled area.




Disable anything that isn't vital. Like a hamachi adapter or something similar.







Option 2: This one is about temporarily disabling your firewall to see if it's blocking the connection.


Open your start menu and look for "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" to get to here.



Then turn off everything indicated in the picture.







OPTIONAL 2: Disable any antivirus you have for the duration of your attempts with these steps.




If there are any other ways to fix these problems, let me know to update the thread.

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good work, I have noticed a lot of players have had this problem. easy to follow also:)

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This is brilliant i had to do something similar to get on server hopefully this helps out new players

Peace Zulu

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